How can I learn about coffees from Africa & the Middle East?

Learn about the green coffee history of some of the origins we source from in Africa and The Middle East. Dive deep into these countries' historical facts and coffee stories using our blog resources.

Burundi Green Coffee Resources

DR Congo Green Coffee Resources

Ethiopian Green Coffee Resources

  • Ethiopoian Coffee Al Naturale
    • For a long time, even before the emergence of the specialty coffee industry, Ethiopia and naturally processed coffee have been virtually synonymous...
  • From Chewing to Brewing: The Fabled History of  Ethiopian Coffee
    • So, what’s the truth behind Ethiopian coffee history? Whether or not we believe there are kernels of truth in the legend of Kaldi and other stories about how coffee brewing was born, with archangels, whirling dervishes, and ghosts, there is a virtual certainty that the coffee plant originated in Ethiopia...

Kenyan Green Coffee Resources

  • Kenyan Coffee: Gifts from the Owner of Snow
    • Just a few hundred miles north of Mt. Kenya, coffee had most certainly been growing wild for as long as anyone could remember, long before anyone figured out how to chew it or brew it.

Malawi Green Coffee Resources

  • Stars and Storms and the Coffee of Malawi
    • Coffee first came to Malawi in 1878 and was grown by both local farmers and Europeans, but production and exports were nominal until the 1950’s when the government distributed seeds in an effort to encourage an increase in cash crops for export. 

Rwandan Green Coffee Resources

  • In the Spirit of Umuganda, Rwanda Looks Forward
    • When you think of Rwanda, the first thing that comes to mind might not be people gathering together all over the country, all on the same day at the same time, to work on community projects, “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome,” which is how Umuganda is defined today...

Tanzanian Green Coffee Resources

  • Tanzania Rising
    • There was always promise, and promise has given way to an enduring hope for the future of “Africa rising"...

Ugandan Green Coffee Resources

  • Coffee from the White Nile, Uganda
    • In Uganda, coffee grows exceptionally well — thanks to an ideal climate that includes ample rainfall, rich volcanic soil, plenty of sunshine, and of course, the Nile...

Yemeni Green Coffee Resources

Zambian Green Coffee Resources